Idaho Road Reports


Southwestern Idaho Highway Web cams


  To help make your highway travels safer and provide you with real-time road conditions, Elmore County Press has provided you with the following highway web cams. Just click on the link provided.

Conner Summit ID 77 6 miles south of the Albion area



Coldwater I-86 18 miles west of the American Falls area


Fort Hall Hill US-95 Milepost 144


Gilmore Summit  SH-28  Milepost 73.1



Glenns Ferry   I-84  Milepost 102.9



Gwynn Ranch Hill  SH-46  Milepost 26



Hammett Hill  I-84  Milepost 102.9



Hansen Bridge on State Highway 50 over the Snake River



Heyburn  I-84  Milepost 211



Idahome I-84  26 miles east of the Heyburn area 



I-84/US-95 Interchange  Milepost 2.1



I-84: Isaacs Canyon


I-84 Caldwell


I-84 Meridian


I-84 Broadway Milepost 54.5


I-84 Snake River Idaho/Oregon Border



Jackpot  US-93  Milepost 1.8



Juniper I-84  52 miles east of the Heyburn area



Kinsey Butte  SH-75  Milepost 85



Little Donner  SH-55  Milepost 120.3



Lolo Pass US 12  98 miles east of the Kooskia area


Lone Pine  SH-28  Milepost 49.2



Lost Trail Pass   US-93  Milepost 350.8



Midvale Hill  US-95  Milepost 101



Perrine Bridge  US-93/I-84  Milepost 50



Pine Turnoff  US-20  Milepost 127


Raft River I-86  32 miles west of the American Falls area


Ridgeway  I-84  8 miles east of the Hazelton area


Rogerson  US-93  Milepost 17



Smiley Creek Airport ID 75  22 miles south of the Stanley area




Smiths Ferry  SH-55  Milepost 97.3



Sweetzer Summit I-84  46 miles east of the Heyburn area



Timmerman Hill  SH-75  Milepost 102



Tom Cat Summit US 20  17 miles east of the Carey area 



Willow Creek Summit  US-93  Milepost 137.3



Wood River  SH-75  Milepost 122



Yale Road  I-84 17 miles east of the Heyburn area



511 Traveler Services – Idaho Road Reports 

  It is our pleasure to provide you with this link to the 511 Traveler Service. For Idaho road conditions click here: or call 511 on your phone. 

  511 is a public service of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to help travelers’ access information about road conditions, traffic incidents, weather and tourism information via the phone or on the Web, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

  511 is made possible through the cooperation of the Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor, Idaho State Police, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Emergency Medical Services Bureau, the Ada County Highway District and the Federal Highway Administration.

  511 is Idaho’s new, easy-to-remember traveler information service. It provides continual updates about weather-related road conditions, road work, commercial vehicle restrictions, road closures and other travel information via the phone or Internet.

  On the phone, simply dial 511. You will be connected to a computerized voice recognition system. This system will offer voice response and/or touch-tone options to request road-specific information.